Company History

A foundation built on tradition…

Founded by stonecutter Don Tresko in 1954, Tresko Monument Inc. has been known for its strong work ethic in fabricating high quality stone products at a fair price. Having learned the granite and stone cutting trade from his father in Portland, Oregon, before and after World War II, Don purchased Washington Monument, Spokane Monument and Swanson Stone in 1972. Since Don’s passing in 2006, sons John, Bill and Dick with over 75 years combined experience have maintained the same quality workmanship, traditional values, and dedication to customer service. Each enduring stone product by Tresko Monument Inc. is cut with precision and finished by hand.

We welcome your call and would be glad to answer your questions, explain the process, or provide you with a quotation to memorialize your loved one.

“I cannot thank you enough for your expertise, care, and compassion shown to us through this process. It was a difficult time for us and the decisions were not easy. We were very pleased with the design and now that I witnessed the finished product, I am beaming with gratitude and happiness with the ending result. Thank you for the professional and caring way you represented your organization and the memory of our son. I am confident that our son is pleased with the choice and quality of his final mark in this world. ” Tracy Assmus,March 2010